Just when it seems like the vines will never emerge from their dormant state, the weather turns warm and - voila' - leaf break! While not all the vines are suddenly growing new leaves, this hardy specimen in the Corrales Vineyard is busy. It has been a brisk early spring in the vineyard. First, we pruned the vines to get ready for this year's growth. Next, we weeded the vineyard, concentrating on the weeds growing underneath and around the vines. Next, Sean spent several hours on the tractor, crushing and plowing the weeds and pruned grape canes back into the vineyard soil. Lastly, we hand-checked each dripper unit in the four-acre vineyard to make sure each was working properly. The vineyard is set up in several zones, and each zone receives an hour of drip irrigation up to three times a week. The vineyard is irrigated with well water, which is high in minerals and calcium. The minerals can clog the dripper units, which is why each one had to be checked by hand and replaced when necessary. Now we wait and let nature to the hard work of growing leaves and grapes for this year's harvest!

New leaves appear on the vines in the "Lobo Vineyard" in Corrales, NM