The Harvest Party on Sunday October 15 was a total blast! Sheehan Winery teamed up with Albuquerque's Yelp to invite 60 new friends to pick the Chambourcin grapes, enjoy green chile enchiladas and taste wine. People started arriving at 9 am and by 11:30, they had picked the vineyard clean of grapes. There is truth to adage "many hands make light work!" We got to make a lot of new friends, introduce Sheehan Winery wines to many new wine lovers and everyone enjoyed a fabulous fall day in the cool October weather! The Chambourcin is the last grape to be picked so the 2017 harvest is now officially over. Can't wait to taste this year's vintage!

The reviews from guests on Yelp were awesome too! Trish S. of Albuquerque called the Harvest Party "My new favorite event! So much fun picking grapes with friends, new and old. Learned a little more about the whole process and Sean was a FANTASTIC host." Everyone seemed genuinely excited and happy to have volunteered time and energy to harvest the vineyard. Many people brought their children who loved being put to work among the vines.


Harvest Party 2017

A family affair


Harvest Party 2017

She was happy to volunteer to pick grapes!


An awesome harvest

Wimemaker Sean Sheehan with Chambourcin grape harvest 2017