Memorial Day Wine Festival Was Record-Breaking One for Sheehan Winery

Thanks to all our good friends and loyal customers, the 2018 Wine Festival at Balloon Fiesta Park in Albuquerque over the Memorial Day weekend was one for the record books! Sheehan Winery sold a record amount of wine and poured tastings for untold thousands of people. Albuquerque, Sheehan Winery loves you! The Las Cruces Wine Festival was also one of our better wine festivals. Our crew did great and we are grateful to the residents of Dona Ana County and surrounding areas for coming out to support New Mexico wine! There is a full calendar of wine tastings all over the state so stay tuned for more information on the next opportunity to taste great New Mexico wine.

In addition, winemaker Sean Sheehan poured wine the following weekend at Summerfest.






Wine Festival Season Kicks off Memorial Day Weekend! Welcome to Summer!

This year, Sheehan Winery will be pouring our award-winning wines on Memorial Day weekend in two outstanding wine festivals in Albuquerque and Las Cruces. In Las Cruces, it is the 26th annual Wine Festival May 26 -28, 2018 at the Dona Ana County Fairgrounds. Stroll the grassy fields, sipping wine, enjoying local food and arts and crafts from noon to 6 p.m. all three days. It's a blast, as always. If you would like more information, visit the NMWine website or go here.

Back Yard Wine Tastings Grow in Popularity at Sheehan Winery

Albuquerque has totally embraced the Back Yard Wine Tasting concept introduced by Sean Sheehan at Sheehan Winery! At the last one in early March, more than 120 people attended. What a blast! The next one will be at 2 p.m. on St. Patrick's Day 2018 in the back yard of Sheehan Winery. So much fun! A great way to meet new people and taste all of Sheehan Winery's new and most popular wines. For information, call 505-280-3104. Look forward to seeing you there!

Harvest Party Was a Blast! More than 60 attended the Event

The Harvest Party on Sunday October 15 was a total blast! Sheehan Winery teamed up with Albuquerque's Yelp to invite 60 new friends to pick the Chambourcin grapes, enjoy green chile enchiladas and taste wine. People started arriving at 9 am and by 11:30, they had picked the vineyard clean of grapes. There is truth to adage "many hands make light work!" We got to make a lot of new friends, introduce Sheehan Winery wines to many new wine lovers and everyone enjoyed a fabulous fall day in the cool October weather! The Chambourcin is the last grape to be picked so the 2017 harvest is now officially over. Can't wait to taste this year's vintage!

The reviews from guests on Yelp were awesome too! Trish S. of Albuquerque called the Harvest Party "My new favorite event! So much fun picking grapes with friends, new and old. Learned a little more about the whole process and Sean was a FANTASTIC host." Everyone seemed genuinely excited and happy to have volunteered time and energy to harvest the vineyard. Many people brought their children who loved being put to work among the vines.


Harvest Party 2017

A family affair


Harvest Party 2017

She was happy to volunteer to pick grapes!


An awesome harvest

Wimemaker Sean Sheehan with Chambourcin grape harvest 2017

Saturday Wine Tastings Catching On! Come Join Us on Aug. 12!

At the last Saturday Afternoon Wine Tasting at Sheehan Winery, there were 50 friends who showed up to taste and to buy wine. It was like a party in the backyard! Not everyone knew each other, but they were all friends by the time it ended. The wine tastings start at 2 p.m. and end about 4 p.m. so it is a great, fun opportunity to taste great-quality New Mexican wines, meet founder and winemaker Sean Sheehan and his lovely staff of servers, and meet a bunch of new people too.

Many people who show up end up being such fans, they volunteer to harvest grapes at the end of the summer (in Southern New Mexico, the harvest will start in about two weeks) and many have signed up to join the Wine Club. Many are also pumped about attending the Diner en Blanc. Why don't you make plans to join us on August 12. It's fun and the tastings are free!

Saturday Wine Tastings at the Winery a Great Success!

Wine maker Sean Sheehan has been holding Saturday afternoon wine tastings at the winery for the past few weekends. They have been amazingly successful and lots of fun. On Saturday June 24, more than 30 friends of Sheehan Winery showed up to taste wine and usually buy a bottle or two to take home. Several Wine Club members showed up to taste the wines that will be featured at this year's Diner en Blanc. Sheehan Winery is showcasing its Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and our dry rose, Cinsault. For the red wines, Sheehan Winery will be pouring Chambourcin, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Also on June 24, Sheehan Winery participated in the annual Vintage Albuquerque, a fundraiser that raises money to support classical music programs in Albuquerque. Here is a photo of the event, Taken at Balloon Fiesta Park with the gorgeous Sandia Mountains in the background. The event was a huge success. 

Vintage Albuquerque 2017. Pictured are left, Chelsea Canon, assistant director of New Mexico Wine, Sean Sheehan, center and Sam Aragon, president of New Mexico Wine, a statewide association of wine makers and grape growers.

Vintage Albuquerque 2017. Pictured are left, Chelsea Canon, assistant director of New Mexico Wine, Sean Sheehan, center and Sam Aragon, president of New Mexico Wine, a statewide association of wine makers and grape growers.

The Memorial Day Wine Festivals were Awesome!

Sheehan Winery sent two crews out for the Memorial Day Weekend wine festivals. One crew worked the festival at Balloon Fiesta Park in Albuquerque and one crew traveled to Las Cruces for the wine festival held at the Southern New Mexico Fairgrounds. Both festivals were incredibly well attended and people were polite and eager to taste New Mexico wines. Feedback was that Sheehan's wines were among the best at both festivals and Sean Sheehan's crews were the friendliest and most informative. For many festival-goers, it was their first time tasting New Mexico wines, and from the many compliments we received, they were impressed!


The crew snaps a photo before the crowds arrive at the Las Cruces Wine Festival 2017

The crew snaps a photo before the crowds arrive at the Las Cruces Wine Festival 2017

Wine Lovers Alert! Sheehan Winery Has Added Four New Wines to Our Line Up

This year, winemaker Sean Sheehan has added four new wines to our line up of outstanding New Mexico wines. This year, we are offering two vineyard-designated wines made from grapes grown and harvested from a single vineyard. One is the 2015 Sheehan Winery Merlot "Lobo Vineyard," from grapes grown in the Lobo Vineyard in Corrales, NM. The other is the 2015 Sheehan Winery Merlot "Elyce Vineyard," from grapes grown in the Elyce Vineyard in Bosque Farm, NM. 

We are also introducing a new Sheehan Winery Zinfandel. In the past, we have used zinfandel as a blending wine, but this year, the grapes were so plentiful and full-flavored we made a varietal wine with them. In addition, we have made a Sheehan Winery Riesling, made from New Mexico-grown Riesling grapes. Riesling grapes are famous for the sweet wines so popular in Germany. Try all these new wines! 

Preparing for the 2017 Wine Festival Season

This year, Sheehan Winery will be participating in 17 wine festivals throughout the state. During the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends and the July Fourth weekend, Sheehan Winery will be pouring our wines in two different cities. We are grateful for the support from all our fans and friends and look forward to introducing our wines to new folks in new festivals. For a complete list of the upcoming festivals, check out the "Upcoming Events" page on this website.

Leaf Break 2017! Let the Growing Season Begin!

Just when it seems like the vines will never emerge from their dormant state, the weather turns warm and - voila' - leaf break! While not all the vines are suddenly growing new leaves, this hardy specimen in the Corrales Vineyard is busy. It has been a brisk early spring in the vineyard. First, we pruned the vines to get ready for this year's growth. Next, we weeded the vineyard, concentrating on the weeds growing underneath and around the vines. Next, Sean spent several hours on the tractor, crushing and plowing the weeds and pruned grape canes back into the vineyard soil. Lastly, we hand-checked each dripper unit in the four-acre vineyard to make sure each was working properly. The vineyard is set up in several zones, and each zone receives an hour of drip irrigation up to three times a week. The vineyard is irrigated with well water, which is high in minerals and calcium. The minerals can clog the dripper units, which is why each one had to be checked by hand and replaced when necessary. Now we wait and let nature to the hard work of growing leaves and grapes for this year's harvest!

New leaves appear on the vines in the "Lobo Vineyard" in Corrales, NM